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Marketing & Promoting Aesthetic Procedures with Ari Katz
This curated webinar, hosted by Ari Katz, managing director of Sperling Dermatology and Spas, is focused on engaging with new and current customers to increase traffic and demand for your services, leveraging exclusive marketing, digital and operational strategies. Plus, you’ll learn how Sperling Spa paid off their first Evoke device in just 6 weeks! As a bonus, we have included “5 Key Takeaways”.
InMode InDepth: EmbraceRF Marketing – Building Momentum & Practice Success
Oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Levin, and Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arnaoutakis, lead this webinar focused on marketing EmbraceRF minimally invasive facial technology to patients, with an emphasis on digital and social strategies. Learn marketing tips, proven social media influencer tactics, and practical advice to build and sustain momentum for EmbraceRF in your practice.
InMode InDepth: Pathway to Profit – Set Your Aesthetics Practice up for Success
Wendy Lewis, the founder of global consultancy Wendy Lewis & Co. and author of Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age, presents a webinar on brand identity, positioning and strategy, including outsourcing vs. in-house, patient support, growth and pricing. This webinar is a must-watch for those starting a new practice or scaling an existing one.
InMode InDepth: Enhancing Your Office Space
In this webinar, InMode's Client Operations expert discusses marketing, procedural and in-office tactics that are easy and beneficial to implement as you open or re-open your practice to patients.
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